Duilio A. Martins, was born in 1981 in São Paulo, Brazil.

In 2000 he went to England, to study the language and experience the European art and culture.

There he studied photography which had been, until then, only a hobby. After that he followed a sculpture training.

Since then he works as sculptor, fine art photographer, teacher and photographer specialised in reproduction of art works.

In 2010 he moved to Switzerland after living for sometime in Paris and Norway.

For the last 5 years he is a guest teacher at the Visual Art School Basel.

His photographs and sculptures have been exhibited in Brazil, England, Norway, Germany and Switzerland.



2010 - Garden Sculpture Show Birseck - Group exhibition, Aesch
2012 - Summer Group exhibition, Galerie Katapult, Basel
2013 - Garden Sculpture Show Birseck - Group exhibition, Aesch
2016 - Norwegian Reflections - Solo exhibition Goetheanum, Dornach
2017 - Encontro - Double exhibition Galerie Helmers, Badenweiler-Lipburg, DE
2018 - The bees know everything - Freie Gemeinschaftsbank, Basel
2020 - Departure into the unknown, artistic creation in times of Corona - Group exhibition Goetheanum, Dornach
2022 - photoSCHWEIZ (curated) - Group exhibition, Zurich