“Art is an inner necessity. A deep urge to question and explore things from new perspectives. To transform the invisible into the visible and to to create a profound connection between the two. It is the incarnation of the substance.”


In 2000, I went to England to experience and study European art and culture.

I have been interested in photography since my childhood. Here I was able to start a study, and was thus to delve into this subject. Immediately afterwards, I completed a sculpture training.

I spent some time in Paris and Norway until I moved to Switzerland in 2010.

In photography, I was able to refine my work in such a way that I am always searching for the essential, the essence of the object and the light.

In sculpture, in the unprocessed object, I search for the organic form. I see to what extent it remains intact, and where I add my uniqueness as an artist.

Duilio Amarante Martins

1981 born in São Paulo, Brazil
2002-2003 Photograph Studies, Emerson College, England
2004-2007 Sculpture studies, Emerson College, England
Since 2010 lives and works as a Fine Art photographer, sculptor and teacher in Switzerland.
Guest lecturer at Visual Art School Basel and AfaP and Photographer Instructor at Swiss Photo Club.
Photographer specialised in reproduction of art works.
His works can be found in various private collections as well as in public spaces and institutions.



2010 - Sculpture Show Birseck - Group exhibition, Aesch CH
2012 - Summer Group exhibition, Galerie Katapult, Basel CH
2013 - Sculpture Show Birseck - Group exhibition, Aesch CH
2016 - Norwegian Reflections - Solo exhibition, Goetheanum, Dornach CH
2017 - Encontro - Double exhibition Galerie Helmers, Badenweiler-Lipburg, DE
2018 - Die Bienen wissen alles - Freie Gemeinschaftsbank, Base CHl
2020 - Aufbruch Ins Ungewisse, artistic creation in times of Corona - Group exhibition Goetheanum, Dornach CH
2022 - photoSCHWEIZ (curated) - Group exhibition, Zurich CH
2022 - Equinox 22 - Solo exhibition - Seewen CH
2023 - Where do we go - Group exhibition - Eleven Ten Studio, Basel CH